Energy balls recipe

Since the first time I have made those little treats, they have become a part of my daily life. – even my more critical boyfriend, when it comes to “healthy snacks” cant get enough of them. If it’s for a snack in between, a little dessert or a little energy push before an ashtanga yoga class they are just the perfect fitch. At the current time they mainly contribute as nerve nutrition for my last exams of the year.
They are easy to prepare on a cozy sunday afternoon/evening and you can have them stored for up to one week in your fridge (under the condition that they will last that long. The best thing is you only need a few and not to fancy ingredients, so that you can get started right away.

Energy balls 2

Energy balls 3

Energy balls

Inspired by Nutritiosteps

approximately 50 energy balls

280g grounded almonds
225g dates with the stone removed
1 medium banana
Approximately 40 g unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
For the coating I normally use about 150g dark chocolate, so that half of the energy balls have a chocolate coating and the other half I like to roll in some coconut flakes.

Mash your banana with a fork to a creamy consistency and mix together with grounded almonds and dates. Here you can either use a food processor or blender (if you use a blender, like I normally do, – since you can easily overheat your blender just use the blender for the first minutes and later work with your hands). Add the rest of the ingredients and process your dough until everything comes together. Now you can make your own small balls out of the dough and either enjoy them without any topping or give them your favorite coating. Here I normally like to use dark chocolate and coconut flakes, but you can let your fantasy run free and surprise me with your favorite coatings with sharing your erngeryballs on instagram or leaving a comment with your favorite coating.

Warm regards
Jana L.

Energy balls 4


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