DIY peanut butter recipe

To all of your peanut butter lovers out there! – Here is a super simple recipe on how to make your own peanut butter.Personally I really love to make everything from the scratch knowing what nutrients are used etc. but I never considered making my own peanut butter since I thought it will be to difficult (dont ask why! Now when I have learned how simple it is I can’t understand how I ever could think of it being difficult).

All happened over a cozy dinner!

After an amazing dinner at ours with Emelie from Rye On Life, Emelie had made some super delicious peanut butter truffles as dessert (I will ask her for a guest post to share the recipe for those super delicious truffles since you definitely have to give them a go 😉 ). Talking about how delicious those truffles were and like real nutrition students talking about different nutrients and inspiring each other with new homemade creations I heard for the first time how easy it is to make your own peanut butter. Already the next day I had bought a pack of salted peanuts and made my own peanut butter in only a few seconds. It’s super easy and you can create your own favorite peanut butter texture. From that day on there is always standing a pretty jar with homemade peanut butter in our kitchen shelf….

Peanut butter recipe

Inspired by Emelie


Serves one jar

250g salted or unsalted peanuts, I normally use salted peanuts, which can for some people get a bit too salty but a good TIP is to roll the peanuts in a kitchen towel to get some of the salt of.

If you decide to use unsalted peanuts you might need some extra oil for the texture and salt for the taste.


In a blender add all the peanuts and blend until the perfect creamy texture is reached. Season to taste if necessary! Keep the butter in a jar and enjoy your homemade peanut butter as spread on bread or rice crackers with a drizzle of honey on top, as dip for  fresh apple slices or for homemade peanut truffles (recipe coming soon!). I love to see your favorite peanut butter combination! Share your favorite peanut butter combination on Instagram by tagging @mytastytravel or you are welcome to leave an comment below.

All the best,
your Jana


I would love to make some simple DIY videos but can’t decide on which camera is good for taking videos. Right now I have an Nikon D3200 which I love to photograph all my pictures with. Which camera do you use for making videos? Can you recommend any good cameras for it ?


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