Homemade granola inspirations + vegan & gluten free option

It’s time to get creative! I am happy to share with you some of my favorite homemade granola recipes and hope to get you inspired making your own granola.
Since the first day I started to make my own homemade granola, I always have a glass filled with my favorite granola standing in our kitchen shelf. All granola inspirations are super simple recipes and are quicker made then going to the store buying granola ;).

I love getting inspired by each season, creating new favorite granola combos with new seasonal flavors. The best thing is when the smell of fresh baked granola is filling the air in the apartment. I love to stand in the kitchen on a sunday morning to make my own granola to enjoy it when it’s still warm! Best to it some almond or soy milk yummi…


Not only that homemade granola has much more flavour compared to the one bought in the store it as well contains much less added sugar. It’s a great way of reducing the amount of added sugar in your daily diet since it’s so simple making it and still sooooo delicious.

A great idea is to get the whole family together, preparing lots of the basic granola recipe and let each family member make their own favorite granola creation. Another great idea is to make it as a fun task to a kids birthday celebration. Again prepare lots of the basic granola recipe and then let each kid play with their favorite flavors creating their own homemade granola. Pour the granola into pretty airtight glasses for the kids to bring home. I am sure they will love it!


Basic granola recipe

Inspired by SaraKristin 


300g oats (for the gluten free option choose gluten free oats)
100g chopped almonds
100g chopped hazelnuts
50g sunflower seeds
25g flax seeds or sesame seeds
25g coconut flakes (optional)
100g rapeseed oil
100 ml warm water
50g honey (for the vegan option choose maple syrup)
A dash of cinnamon


Add all the ingredients from your basic granola recipe in a bowl and mix it very well together. Divide the granola evenly on a baking sheet and bake by 180 degrees in the oven for approximately 30-35 min. Stir around after 15 min. to make sure it doesn’t get burned and remove from the oven as soon as it seems golden.

Let the granola cool completely before you pour it into airtight glasses or if adding chocolate for the chocolate granola or fruits for the fruit granola version.

By adding approximately 50g chopped dark chocolate or more (add first when the granola is cold), you will get yourself a super delicious crunchy chocolate granola.  

And if you feel more for the fruit granola version, you can simply add raisins (approximately 50g) and if you like banana chips (as well approximately 50g) and mix them under your basic granola.

Christmas special:

I spiced up the basic granola recipe with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla & nutmeg and got myself a super delicious christmas granola. Perfect to it some almond or soya milk YUMMY!

Share your homemade granola creations on instagram by tagging @mytastytravel

Links to other super delicious granola recipes:



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