Welcome to My Tasty Travel.

With My Tasty Travel I would like to share with you my passion for food, in combination with my knowledge as nutrition and health student. You will find recipes inspired by others and newly-developed recipes fresh from my kitchen. I don’t want to put my recipes into any specific category, because I personally believe in a varied diet, which I, myself, follow in order to live a healthy, happy and comfortable lifestyle. I believe that the balance between different food groups, including sweets and comfort foods, is the key element to building a healthy lifestyle for your whole life. As I find a lot of my inspiration while traveling in different countries around the world, My Tasty Travel is my way to share with you experiences I throughout my travels. My hope is to inspire you and get people excited about to follow a healthy lifestyle, through variety rather than restriction.

Why My Tasty Travel?

My Tasty Travel is a lifestyle blog made by experiences on behalf of my life. The name My Tasty Travel stands for food and journey, which both are an important part in my life, especially the combination of them both.

Healthy lifestyle what does it means to me:

For me the most important part for following a healthy and happy lifestyle is to follow your dreams – remember there are no restrictions; only people themselves can create restrictions. When following your dream I believe that a balanced diet with the combination of for example yoga or other physical activities you enjoy doing, will contribute to a healthy and happy body and soul. On top of that I believe it is important to have an open and relaxed mind-set that I personally achieve through traveling around the world and experience new cultures.

Balanced diet what does it mean?

No matter if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet or are intolerant or sensible forwards different foods, I believe in that any of those diets and decisions you made for yourself, you will be able to follow a balanced diet in various ways.

I myself experienced that by listening to our body and enjoying various food types, we automatically can learn to follow a balanced diet. That means don’t struggle with yourself or feel bad when you have one of those days, where you feel for a good piece of chocolate cake with cream on top, that is totally fine and you should enjoy those moments!  

Since emotional stress can affect our metabolism rate and in some cases can contribute to weight gain or other diseases like migräne and headaches, I believe that it’s important to not stress ourselves about the food we eat and don’t let the stress take over in the way of making us feel bad while thinking about how much calories that piece of chocolate cake with cream we just ate had. Instead we should try to set our mindset positive towards the chocolate cake and think how delicious it was and enjoy that moment with the taste of chocolate and cream in our mouth.

With My Tasty Travel I like to help and support others finding the balance through various recipes with a focus on sweetness and comfort foods and recipes with the aim to make those sweetness and comfort foods a bit more nutritional and built up the balance between different nutrients.

A little about me

My name is Jana, I have lived most of my life in Germany, but moved to Denmark a few years ago and fell in love with every part of the country. I am currently studying my bachelor “Global Nutrition and Health” with the specialization in lifestyle and health. My recipes and approach to food and health is therefore highly influenced by my professional background and I try to create and live a balanced diet combined with physical activities that I believe is the healthiest for my body and soul.

I live together with my amazing boyfriend in Aarhus City and love spending my time in our small but very cozy kitchen. The other part of my time, I turn into a little yoga and fitness geek, practicing yoga at my favorite yoga & fitness studio YOSTUDIOS in Aarhus or sharing my experiences and knowledge as yoga teacher at the DGI Huset and Fyisosekvens in Aarhus.

And of course I LOVE to travel and besides the blog and my education, I am on my way exploring different cultures around the world, where I find a lot of my inspirations and with every journey I grow a little bit more. Traveling is one of the best and most amazing things to develop in and is definitely something I can only recommend!

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Freelance work

I do take on freelance work that include:

  • Food photography
  • Recipe development

You are always welcome to contact me by writing an email to: jana@mytastytravel.dk

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A special THANK YOU goes to my mentor Ash Summers from Eatable and Buggies. Thank you for all your hard work, inspirations and time you put into My Tasty Travel without you My Tasty Travel wouldn’t be the same!